Rocket Raccoon is running the show in first look at relaunched solo comic

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Feb 4, 2017, 10:00 PM EST

The Guardians of the Galaxy might be stuck on Earth for now, but they'll be back in space soon enough — and it looks like Rocket will be getting back into a bit of trouble once he gets there.

The new Rocket comic, launching in May, is being described as an "out-of-this world caper chock full of action, aliens and all-out adventure." The run is being tackled by creators Al Ewing (The Ultimates, U.S. Avengers) and Adam Gorham (The Violent). The story picks up when an old flame (who happens to be an otter) re-enters Rocket's life, getting him back into the heist game. So, Ocean's Eleven with aliens and a space raccoon? Yeah, we’re in.

"This is the book you never realized you desperately needed from a talking raccoon," editor Jordan D. White said in a statement. "It's The Maltese Falcon if the falcon was the detective. It's The Hunter, except the hunter is a rodent. And in space. Honestly, you gotta read it — it sets a new standard in the space-crime continuum!"

Check out the first piece of art from the new series below and let us know what you think.