Rocket Raccoon SPEAKS in new Guardians behind-the-scenes clip

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Feb 20, 2014, 3:14 PM EST

We got our trailer, and now we've got our first taste of Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon. 

As production ramped up on Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the biggest questions many fans had about the flick was who would provide the voice, and the essential attitude, of Rocket Raccoon. We were kept on edge for months about who would voice Rocket, and then we finally heard American Hustle star Bradley Cooper had landed the role. Cooper's involvement with the flick certainly gave us an idea of Rocket's sound, but what we really wanted was to hear words coming directly from the character's mouth, and even the first trailer release earlier this week didn't give us that. 

Now, we finally have it. Marvel just released a 30-second behind-the-scenes clip introducing fans to Rocket, featuring new footage, interview snippets from Cooper and, finally, one line of the character's dialogue. Check it out, and get fired up with your favorite space raccoon.

Yeah, he said "This one is our booty!", which sounds like a perfectly nice introduction to me, and a great way to start what looks like an impending prison riot.

What do you think? Based on this brief glimpse, did Cooper get the character right?

Guardians of the Galaxy is in theaters Aug. 1.

UPDATE: Marvel also just dropped a similar clip profiling Groot, Rocket's companion and "muscle." Sadly, while we do get to hear Vin Diesel talk about the character, we don't hear him talk as the character, so no "I am Groot" for us yet. Check the clip out anyway, though.

(Via Marvel Entertainment)