Rocket to the Red Planet in new trailer for Ron Howard's 6-part Mars miniseries

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Aug 1, 2016

The Red Planet is certainly enjoying its time in the limelight, with books, comics, video games and feature films all being developed about Earth's infamous neighbor.  To add to that list of creative projects comes Ron Howard's Mars, a six-part sci-fi docu-drama hybrid that chronicles the first mission to Mars in the year 2033 and implants the initial components of colonization.  It debuts on the National Geographic Channel in November and, from this first extended trailer, appears to have some impressive special effects and an air of authenticity via top scientific minds like SpaceX's Elon Musk, author Andy Weir and astrophysics superstar Neil DeGrasse Tyson. 


Brian Grazer and Ron Howard will executive-produce this experimental space series using dramatic scenes of the valiant Daedalus crew interspersed with modern-day documentary segments to enhance the experience and educate views on what it would truly mean to humankind.


“Brian [Grazer] and I, along with the [team] at Radical [Media], had this ambitious idea, which was to create a documentary about the quest to go to Mars but also bring it to life in a really dramatic and cinematic way,” said Howard. “The offer to the audience will be information meets vivid and experiential filmmaking. Nat Geo’s ambition was high, and we are really honored and thrilled to try and meet that challenge.”

Here's the official synopsis:

The team behind Apollo 13 is proud to present MARS, a six-part series that's debuting on the National Geographic Channel in November. Blending elements of documentary and fictional storytelling, the show aims to explore what the Red Planet could mean to Earth right now.

Explore this new trailer for Nat Geo's Mars mini-series and tell us if you'll be aboard its global premiere this fall.


(Via io9)

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