The Rocketeer + 14 other genre movies and shows on Netflix in November

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Oct 31, 2014

Every month, Netflix removes some movies and shows from its always-popular Watch Instantly streaming service, and other movies and shows take their places. Whenever that happens, and a healthy crop of genre flicks just happens to be heading to the service, we like to give you a little heads-up, because we want you to enjoy your time on the couch. 

In November, Netflix has decidedly to -- a bit puzzlingly -- add several new horror titles to the mix, including one that left the streaming service just before the Halloween season began. That's bad timing, but you might still be coasting on horror fumes, so have at them if you like. Plus, we've got one of the most underrated superhero movies ever, a celebrated new post-apocalyptic thriller, an indie drama with a surreal twist, an old Disney fantasy for the kids and more. 

Check out what's coming to Netflix in November in the gallery below.

(Via Screen Crush)

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