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Rod Serling's Night Gallery getting a SYFY revival from Teen Wolf and Midnight, Texas vets

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Dec 6, 2018, 3:46 PM EST

SYFY is entering another dimension of sight, sound, and mind, as it is developing a reboot of Night Gallery, an anthology series from the '70s that was created by The Twilight Zone's Rod Serlingper Deadline.

According to the news outlet, the revival is being helmed by Teen Wolf creator/EP Jeff Davis and Midnight, Texas EP David Janollari. The series will be produced by Universal TV and Universal Cable Productions. 

While Night Gallery is often forgotten in favor of Serling's more famous brainchild, the series, presented in full color, was a return to anthological form for the prolific television writer. Like he did with The Twilight Zone, Serling hosted each episode, standing in an eerily lit gallery of unsettling portraits that reflected the stories we were about to be told. The format became influential in its own right, inspiring programs like Alton Brown's Good Eats on Food Network. 

The show ran for a total of three seasons and over 40 episodes between 1970-1973, although the pilot (partly directed by a pre-Jaws Steven Spielberg) aired in 1969. Often more horror-based than the show that inspired it, Night Gallery still included the shocking twists Serling had become famous for. Some of the most iconic segments include "The Caterpillar" and "Midnight Never Ends." Also notable are the adaptations of short tories by H.P. Lovecraft such as "Pickman's Model" and "Cool Air."

News of Night Gallery's return to the airwaves seems to indicate that we've got a Rod Serling renaissance on our hands, as Jordan Peele is hard at work on his Twilight Zone reboot over at CBS All Access

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