Roddenberry to release Star Trek archival material

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Roddenberry Productions—the company run by Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry—has signed a $2 million deal with Toolbox Productions to release more than 500 hours of previously unseen footage from Trek series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Toolbox library consists of interviews with cast and crew, as well as behind-the-scenes material shot over the past 20 years, starting with Star Trek: The Next Generation and progressing through the three other spinoff series that followed.

The footage will be assembled for a video-based encyclopedia that covers Star Trek's mythology and characters, the trade paper reported.

Rod Roddenberry will appear as host of the DVD set, which will showcase the archived material in high definition. Talks with distributors are under way. No release date has yet been set.