Rodriguez updates Predators, Nervewrackers, Jetsons

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

During last Saturday's press day for the upcoming family fantasy movie Shorts, director Robert Rodriguez stayed mostly on-topic when it came to talking about current and future projects. But the director did briefly discuss a few of the upcoming films he's involved with and started by suggesting there might be more Shorts in years to come. "Possibly, if this does well," he said during a news conference in Beverly Hills, Calif. "Shorts 2: Electric Boogaloo."

Rodriguez added that things are moving forward on Predators, the reboot/prequel film, which he's producing. Specifically, he said that he's loaned out his Austin, Texas, studio and crew to help breathe new life into the franchise. "I have a director on that [Nimród Antal], and it's my main crew that I usually use," he said. "It's taking place right there, so I get to walk in and see designs and comment on stuff and work on the script with him. We start shooting that pretty soon."

Another long-gestating project Rodriguez is attached to is Sin City 2, which he said is on the back burner and which lacks at least one important element. "Until I'm actually on the set, it's not happening," he confessed. "But we have a script—we just haven't shot it yet."

The recently announced futuristic sci-fi thriller Nervewrackers, which was originally scheduled for release April 16, 2010, was moved back. Rodriguez said that he hasn't forgotten about it. "That would be next year sometime," Rodriguez said. "I have a script for that." Finally, Rodriguez offered a few details about his proposed Jetsons live-action update, saying that he wouldn't render its futuristic world in the same way he did something equally far-out, like Sin City. "It would have to be a mix," he said. "It wouldn't be all green screen." Interestingly, Rodriguez said that it was keeping this busy that allowed him to get so much accomplished. "It's actually a strange thing," he said. "The more you do, the easier it is. My mom used to say, 'If you want something done, give it to a busy man.' Because there's an efficiency to it. So I think if I just did one job, I think I would be more tired, and the decisions wouldn't be right, because you have too much to think about. You can go more based on instinct, which is always smarter than your conscious self, and you just have to make all of the decisions, so it just moves so much faster."

Shorts opens Aug. 21.