Watch: Roger Corman talks Death Race 2050, Mad Max's Oscar snub, Fantastic Four

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May 3, 2017, 1:24 PM EDT (Updated)

We caught up with film legend Roger Corman to talk about his new Death Race film and we couldn't help but bend his ear about everything from Mad Max to The Fantastic Four.

Corman opened up about his new film Death Race 2050 and how he approached the classic franchise for a new generation. He had to focus on how the technology has changed over the years (looking ahead a few more decades) plus the idea of what the racers might represent in the future.

But, the crux of what makes the latest Death Race work? For Corman, it was all about killing pedestrians again for points. Did we mention this movie is hella-dark?

Corman also mentions he was as bummed as the rest of us about Mad Max: Fury Road’s snub at the Oscars (though he did vote for it!) ... and muses on the legacy of his cult curiosity, The Fantastic Four (1994). Turns out he still hears from fans about that project thanks to bootlegs that are still kicking around.

We also chatted with Arrow alum Manu Bennett, who plays a racer in the reboot. He talks about what it’s like to step into that world and bring it to life ... and the challenge of the heat in spending so much time in costume jammed into a car. A full leather outfit in 100+ degree heat? Not the most comfortable situation.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think.