Roger Corman's sons are trying to block that Shout! Factory deal

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Apr 3, 2018, 7:40 PM EDT

Last month, the media company Shout! Factory announced that it had purchased the rights to nearly 270 of Roger Corman's movies, including Rock‘N’Roll High SchoolBattle Beyond the StarsPiranha, and Galaxy of Terror. The sum involved in the acquisition was not disclosed, but now, the famed director's two sons are attempting to void the deal, which they view as a violation of an irrevocable trust set up for them in the late 1970s, reports Variety. Roger M. and Brian Corman brought a lawsuit Tuesday, which is actually part of a larger litigation that's been going on with Corman's estate for the last 10 years.

According to the sons, the titles involved in the Shout! deal actually belong to the trust, and that their mother, Julie, Corman's wife of 48 years, has tried to subvert Roger's original estate plan while disregarding the obligations of the trust. Last fall, the siblings brought a suit, hoping to prove that Roger, now 91, and Julie were "paying below-market rent to live in a mansion owned by the trust."

“You can’t sell what you don’t own,” Alex Weingarten, the sons’ attorney told Variety. “It’s unfortunate that we keep having to go back over and over again to force Roger and Julie to undo what they have done.”

If the sons are successful, they'll not only void the sale of the movies, but also receive punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. 

Shout! Factory did not immediately respond to SYFY WIRE's request for comment.