Nazis, watch out—Wolfenstein movie finally in the works

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Achtung, baby. Halloween may be over, but our bloodlust for '80s horror game flicks lives on. Luckily, the classic spooky sci-fi shooter Castle Wolfenstein is finally coming to the big screen.

Panorama Media and Samuel Hadida released news announcing the production of Castle Wolfenstein, a big-screen action-adventure film inspired by the vintage paranormal game franchise, to be written and directed by Academy Award winner Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction, Silent Hill).

Wolfenstein is described as being in the vein of Captain America and Inglourious Basterds, although it sounds more like Iron Sky meets Hellboy. The story follows a young U.S. Army captain and a British special agent on a top-secret mission to Castle Wolfenstein, where Hitler will be for the historic unveiling of a new secret weapon. After reaching the castle, our heroes are confronted with Himmler's SS Paranormal Division and must fight, not only for their survival, but for a mission that could alter the course of the War.

That's some insane retro-world fun with lots of tight leather and Hitlerian lunacy!

First developed in 1981 for the Apple II computer by Muse Software's Silas Warner, the supernatural Nazi-fest, first-person shooter has enjoyed a healthy renaissance over the last 20 years. Hardcore gamers will recall Wolfenstein 3D and its prequel, Spear of Destiny, from the early '90s and Activision's Return to Castle Wolfenstein in 2001 and Wolfenstein in 2009.

Here's Avary's comment on the gig:

"I've been playing the Wolfenstein games since I was a kid, and feel that their outlandish sensibility has deeply influenced my own writing and directing throughout my career. I have always thought Wolfenstein, transformed and opened for the screen to wider audiences not familiar with the games, would be a major cinematic experience, which is why I introduced it to Samuel. He bought the rights, and I could not be happier that we are now embarking on this adventure."
Sound like a winning combination, or just more pilfering of weak old gaming titles?

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