Alan Tudyk would like to play K-2SO on Star Wars Rebels ... with a twist

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Apr 4, 2017

Now that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD, fans can relive the exciting moments of the film, the first true "war" film in the Star Wars franchise.

Focusing on a ragtag Dirty Dozen-style group that included warrior monks, Imperial turncoats and a scientist's daughter, Rogue One gave us a taste of several intriguing characters. That included Alan Tudyk as K-2SO, the smart-mouthed droid that was quick to express his undying loyalty to his savior and partner, Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), but was equally quick to let everyone else know he didn't particularly like or trust them.

Spoiler alert: Open eyeClose eye Show Spoiler Every last one of them met a tragic end, dying heroically.

But just because we saw the ends of their stories doesn't mean we couldn't get some of the earlier bits fleshed out. With other "Star Wars Story" films on the way that take place earlier in the timeline, plus novels, comics and the TV series Star Wars Rebels, there are plenty of opportunities for more tales featuring many if not all of these characters. Forest Whitaker's Saw Gerrera, in fact, has already appeared on Rebels and has been teased as coming back again next season ... and that's a possibility for Tudyk and Kaytoo that the actor is very excited about.

When talking to Syfy Wire at the Industrial Light & Magic offices in San Francisco, Tudyk was excited that people want more K-2SO. "Yes! Thank you!" he said when we pointed out that there's plenty of backstory to be told. When asked if he'd go to animation with Star Wars Rebels (which airs on Disney XD, a family he's already a part of thanks to his recurring villain role of Ludo on Star vs. the Forces of Evil), he exclaimed, "Absolutely!" Then, much like his robotic counterpart, Tudyk went in an unexpected direction and took the conversation a bit off the rails.

"I've decided I want to do, just now, not only do I wanna do Kaytoo, but I also want to do Cassian's voice," Tudyk said. With that, he went into a pretty spot-on Diego Luna impression, launching into a full conversation.

Tudyk as Luna: "So I can do Cassian, but I can go, 'Kaytoo! What are you doing?'"

Tudyk in K-2SO voice: "Well I've got to pull over and go to the bathroom. So be quiet."

Indeed, Tudyk demonstrated he "can do them both!" and said he'd like to do Rebels, but specifically to do conversations in which he talks to himself. Paging Dave Filoni!

Tudyk also voices K-2SO in Star Wars Battlefront: VR Mission, a free downloadable content expansion for gamers who own Star Wars Battlefront on the PlayStation 4 along with a PlayStation VR unit. The mission has the player piloting an X-Wing, guiding Kaytoo in his transport with Jyn Erso, having just absconded from the prison planet as seen early in Rogue One.

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