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Rogue One star Riz Ahmed volunteers himself (and some friends) to write the Ms. Marvel screenplay

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May 16, 2018, 2:06 PM EDT

The internet exploded a bit over the weekend when Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, fresh off the triumph of Avengers: Infinity War, brought another key Marvel Comics character into play while discussing the studio's future: Kamala Khan, the Pakistani American Muslim girl who grew up as a huge fan of Captain Marvel and took on the moniker of Ms. Marvel for herself after she gained superpowers.

Feige revealed during an interview with the BBC that Marvel already has "plans" to bring Kamala into the Marvel Cinematic Universe sometime after her idol Captain Marvel is introduced in the films next year. Along with new Spider-Man Miles Morales, Kamala Khan is one of the most celebrated new characters to hit superhero comics in the last decade, so people were excited.

Among the Ms. Marvel fans who heard the news was Riz Ahmed, the British Pakistani actor and rapper whose credits include Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the upcoming Venom movie. After news broke over the weekend, Ahmed tweeted out his willingness to be part of the film, and bring a couple of friends along for the ride.

In case you're unfamiliar, the other two stars named are Mindy Kaling, creator and star of The Mindy Project and co-star of A Wrinkle In Time, and Kumail Nanjiani, Oscar-nominated co-writer of The Big Sick and co-star of HBO's Silicon Valley. Nanjiani was born and raised in Pakistan, and Kaling was born in the U.S. to Indian parents. Together they're three of the biggest South Asian stars in Hollywood, so even if Ahmed was just kidding around, Twitter took notice. Kaling, a fan of the comics already, jumped on board.

Which then got current Ms. Marvel comics writer and Kamala Khan co-creator G. Willow Wilson excited.

It also led Marvel editor and Kamala co-creator Sana Amanat to pitch the idea of Kaling teaming with Wilson for a Kamala comic.

Nanjiani, for his part, hasn't weighed in, but just a few hours ago Ahmed built on his idea, morphing it into an elaborate plan to get Wilson to script the movie.

Obviously Ms. Marvel's introduction to the MCU still lies somewhere in the future, and possibly the somewhat distant future at that. We have no idea yet when or how Kamala Khan will arrive on the big screen, but this little Twitter party serves as yet another reminder of how important she is to so many people, and how big the impact of her character has already been.