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Rogue One story developer helping pen sequel to '80s classic The Last Starfighter

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Dec 18, 2018, 10:00 PM EST (Updated)

That Last Starfighter sequel isn't as dead as you think. Speaking to Bloody Disgusting, the first movie's director, Nick Castle, revealed original screenwriter Jonathan R. Betuel is working on a sequel/reboot with Gary Whitta, who helped develop the story for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with Tony Gilroy.

Back in 2015, it was reported that Betuel, who owns the full rights to the script and any sequels/remakes/reboots, wanted to reboot the movie in the form of a TV show and is fiercely protective of his baby. In fact, Seth Rogen once admitted that not even Spielberg himself could secure the rights. 

"Hopefully, they’ll mount something fun and we’ll see our characters again," Castle said, opening up about an idea for a follow-up from over a decade ago that never saw the light of day. It would have seen the OG cast members of Lance Guest (Alex Rogan) and Catherine Mary Stewart (Maggie Gordon) returning as parents. However, if Betuel and Whitta's new script gets the green light, Castle won't be returning to the director's chair. 

"Hopefully, I’ll help out in the background but we’d love to do that. It’s so ready. The ‘80s, of course, are being mined by everything. It’s like the last thing that has not gotten remade or had a sequel. I’d love to see that continue on," he said. 

Released in the summer of 1984, The Last Starfighter is noteworthy for being one of the first movies (along with Tron) to ever use extensive computer-generated imagery. By today's CGI standards, those initial special effects look archaic, cheesy, and dated. 

"It certainly was, from a historical point of view, an important movie in that sense. Now, of course, that won’t be the issue. [The sequel] will be using technology that everyone’s familiar with," stated Castle, who actually portrayed Michael Myers in the first Halloween movie in 1978. He will partly reprise his iconic role in the upcoming sequel.

The original Last Starfighter followed a young man (played by Guest), who becomes the highest-scorer on an arcade video game that was meant as a recruitment test in a real galactic war. Think of the plot as a mix of Ender's Game and Galaxy Quest, although both of these properties obviously came out after the movie's release.