Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin pick up writers for their Stargate reboot

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Feb 4, 2015, 3:02 PM EST (Updated)

Everything old is new again for writing and producing duo Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin. The pair have finally gotten their sequel to Independence Day off the ground nearly 20 years after the original film, and now their plans to reboot the Stargate franchise are heating up. Stargate already has a strong sci-fi legacy, having spawned one hit film and three successful TV series, but as Devlin explained last year, the reboot is a chance not only to try the original story again, but to enact his original plans for a movie trilogy that never quite happened.

"Of all the projects I’ve ever done, Stargate is the only one from the beginning intended to be a trilogy. We always wanted to do parts two and three, but the thinking was they didn’t want to do anything other than the TV series. So literally for 20 years I’ve been chasing this project. Twenty years later, we can’t really do part two. We have to start over from the beginning. So let's reboot the series, put in all the things we couldn’t the first time, and set it up properly.”

MGM gave the go-ahead for the reboot last spring, and we've been waiting ever since for news of who else might join Emmerich and Devlin on the project. Now, we don't have a cast, but we do have two up-and-coming writers. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are "in final negotiations" to write the script for the first film in the new Stargate trilogy. Though they've both been around for a while as actors (Woods appeared in the final season of Syfy's Being Human, while Wright was in NBC's Manhattan Love Story last fall), Woods and Wright are relatively new to screenwriting, but they've already come a long way. They've sold what's described as a "secret action thriller" script to Emmerich's production company, and the director invited them both to work on the Indpendence Day 2 script. Now they're on their way to Emmerich's other major sci-fi revitalization project.

So, while the film still has no release date, and we still don't know how closely it will adhere to the original, Stargate is still on its way back, and now it's got new writers to hopefully give it some new life.

(Via THR)