Roland Emmerich reveals his 'intergalactic' plans for Independence Day 3

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Jun 27, 2016, 11:36 AM EDT

The reviews have not been terribly kind to the alien-fighting sequel 20 years in the making, but if we ever do get an Independence Day 3, director Roland Emmerich already has a plan in place.

The latest entry, Independence Day: Resurgence, picked up the story with a mix of new and old characters in a world that has been drastically changed by the 1996 alien invasion chronicled in the first film. We won’t spoil the plot (it’s only just opened this past weekend), but Emmerich said he already has an idea for where he wants to take the story next. You know, assuming it actually makes enough money to warrant a follow-up.

The idea? Have the team set off on an intergalactic journey tied into the larger alien space conflict, though they’re also wanting to keep it focused on Earth (somehow). Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“The next one will be an intergalactic journey. It'll be [set] maybe a year or two later, not 20 years [on]. I want to maintain this group of people, especially the young characters, and Jeff [Goldblum] and Brent [Spiner] will take part in it. It'll be fun to keep that group together. Will I definitely direct it? Oh yes. I'd never, ever let someone else do it … I imagine them now going in one of these ships they've rebuilt into a wormhole. I think it'll be the classic of going into space but it has to be about Earth, and we have a really good idea for that.”

What do you make of the pitch? Would you like to see Goldblum, Spiner and the younger heroes all flying off through a wormhole?


(Via Empire)