Roland Emmerich teases ID4 sequel: Will Smith is president!

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Dec 14, 2012

Roland Emmerich dropped some teasers earlier this year about a possible Independence Day sequel (two of them, actually), and now that the content of that interview is finally coming to light, we're trying to figure out—was he joking? Maybe you can help us figure that out.

MTV interviewed Emmerich back in February, while he was promoting the 2012 DVD, and of course took the opportunity to nudge him about an ID4 sequel. The director admitted he had plans for TWO of them, which he claimed would be titled ID4-ever: Part I and ID4-ever: Part II.

We think he was only kidding about the titles. But he seemed serious when he said that he wanted to continue the story as an "alternate reality" film set more than a decade after the original film.

"It's an alternate-reality kind of movie," he said. "We pick up the story, what would have happened after this kind of attack? Naturally, the alien technology has changed everything."

When asked if the White House would be rebuilt, and who will be president, Emmerich replied:

"Or, who will be president? Who will be president? See?"

The interviewer interpreted Emmerich's stretched-out "will" to mean that Will Smith, the fighter-pilot hero of the first movie, would be the commander-in-chief when we next saw him.

What do you think? Was Emmerich's tongue in his cheek? Or will Will Smith someday play the president in an ID4 sequel?

(via MTV)

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