Ron Howard gives another desperate and dangerous Han Solo hint

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Sep 23, 2017

A couple days ago, we got this hint, and now Ron Howard's at it again with two new images from the Han Solo movie set that will leave Star Wars fans squinting and wondering.

Desperate and dangerous times, hm? He uses the same caption for both posts, but each tells its own story. However, if you squint and wonder, here's what you might see:

A person in a cape (capes are always of note in Star Wars, right, Rebecca Pahle?), a couple of people in helmets (people are already asking Pablo Hidalgo what types of helmets they are), a lot of smoke/dust, and what looks like debris.

This shot not only highlights the skills of cinematographer Bradford Young, but it offers more insight into what's happening. Tie this in with the Kessel hint from the other day and it's looking like we'll see some action in or near a certain set of spice mines. 

Maybe all that Kessel Run talk is premature. Maybe we're going to see a rescue that, until now, was only mentioned in the expanded universe. Whatever's going on, there are going to be some explosions, that much we know.

That said, toss me your best guesses, people. Let's wildly speculate. It's fun!

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