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Ron Howard gives Star Wars the Arrested Development treatment: Watch

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Dec 17, 2018, 9:00 PM EST (Updated)

Later this month, Solo: A Star Wars Story will arrive in theaters after an extremely challenging shoot that saw original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller depart late in production before Ron Howard came in to finish the movie. Howard has a long association with George Lucas as the star of American Graffiti and the director of Willow. Solo marks Howard’s first foray into the Star Wars galaxy, and the Lucasfilm team just couldn’t resist getting Howard to pay homage to one of his own projects.

As you can see below (at just about the 9:00 mark), while appearing as a guest on the most recent The Star Wars Show, Howard was convinced to narrate a mashup of the very first Star Wars and Arrested Development. Howard executive produced and narrated the cult classic sitcom about the Bluth family’s ridiculously funny misadventures. It turns out that the Skywalkers are a lot like the Bluths, and A New Hope can be really hilarious when adding clips from the prequel trilogy to call out Obi-Wan Kenobi for bending the truth. The video also mines a lot of humor from the problematic aspects of Luke and Leia’s early romance.

Earlier in the episode, Howard shared his thoughts on why Han Solo continues to resonate with audiences.

"It's the duality of the character,” explained Howard. “The idea that he's out for himself, he's got an outlaw spirit and code, on one hand. But he can't quite live it and walk it because he doesn't entirely feel it. The duality is he's a great guy, and he hates that about himself.”

Howard also offered up some hints about the role his brother, Clint Howard, will play in Solo.

"If it was Rocky, he's kind of the Burgess Meredith of the underground droid battle world,” said Howard. “He rubs L3 the wrong way. It's one cool scene, but he's part of the introduction of L3.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story will open Friday, May 25, presumably without Howard's narration.