Ron Howard teases Lando, Chewbacca, and the Falcon from Han Solo set

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:15 AM EDT (Updated)

While the untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story film got only the smallest of cursory mentions at Disney's D23 Expo last weekend, new director Ron Howard -- who replaced Phil Lord and Chris Miller after months of filming had already taken place -- has been taken the opposite approach. The incoming helmer has been taking to Twitter and Instagram to share several behind-the-scenes looks at Han Solo, as if to say, "Uh, everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you."

First Howard took to wardrobe to show off a series of... well, take a look first.

Yeah, those look like capes. Glorious, wonderful space capes. SPACE CAPES FOR DAYS. Definitely Lando's closet. More to Lando in a minute, but have no fear, space capes are here. Man, Donald Glover is going to look so good in those.

Next up, Howard shared his first real set picture from work, which includes a neat surprise for a certain Wookiee.

Yeah, that's Joonas Suotamo, who shared Chewbacca duties in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as the younger Chewie, checking out what they just shot. Now, zoom in on that monitor -- you'll see what looks to be Chewbacca leaning his forehead into the forehead of another wookiee. Chewie's son Lumpawaroo was brought into official canon in the final book of the Aftermath trilogy, so it's very possible this is his wife we're seeing here. It'll be interesting to get some official Chewie backstory, for sure!

Finally, today Ron Howard shared something really exciting for Star Wars fans: what sure appears to be the first look at Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian -- as small and oddly angled as it is -- and in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon no less!

Yup, that's the Falcon, for sure. Why is Lando looking down in what seems like a tired or even forlorn manner? What is that awesome yellow shirt? Why can't we just get a few official looks at these dang characters? Many questions, we have, Mr. Howard.

At this point, it's safe to say that if you're a Star Wars fan, you should probably be following Ron Howard on social media. Much like Rian Johnson shared behind-the-scenes looks at Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it appears that Lucasfilm is loosening the ever-secretive reins ever so slightly on these movies.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (not final title) is due in theaters May 25, 2018, the exact 41st anniversary of Star Wars.

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