Ron Howard tweets again and we're going to see [SPOILER]

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:06 AM EDT (Updated)

Ever since Ron Howard took over directing on the Han Solo movie, he's been dropping little hints in tweets about cast members, locations, ships, even bar fights. But his most recent tweet dropped the most information we've seen yet, so we'll give you spoiler-phobes a chance to look away.




Still here? Okay, good. Here's the tweet.

The man just said Corellia. We're going to Corellia, people, and while you may have thought that was a distinct possibility, getting confirmation that we'd be going to Han Solo's home planet is a big deal. 

Based on the picture and the custom R2 firepit (do you know if they sell those on eBay?), Corellia looks a little beat up, and the timing lines up with the Empire's takeover of the planet. Could it be we'll see the events that made Han the cynic he is when it comes to the Empire in A New Hope?

Corellia is also the homeworld of both Wedge Antilles and bounty hunter Dengar. Will we cross paths with them along the way?

Speculate away and tell us your theories.