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Ron Howard tweets biggest Han Solo movie hint yet

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Sep 20, 2017, 9:10 PM EDT

SPOILER WARNING: Possible Han Solo movie spoilers below!

Star Wars fans have come to love and anticipate Ron Howard's Instagram and Twitter account because, unlike his predecessors, he's sharing bits and pieces of the upcoming Han Solo movie without actually giving anything away.

That said, in this case, we're pretty sure this is more than a hint for anyone who loves the Star Wars franchise.

Of course, if you're spoiler-phobic, turn away now.

Unless our eyes deceive us, Howard has confirmed that Kessel will be making an appearance in the film. Sure, he could be messing with us, but sharing this image along with the one-word question, "Spicey?" is kind of a big hint. 

Now, he could just be showing us a cool set, but it's also very possible that we've just gotten confirmation of Han's (in)famous Kessel Run making an appearance -- and we may just learn how he ran it in less than 12 parsecs. 

Strap yourselves in.