Ron Perlman on the story for Hellboy 3, and why he won't crowdfund the sequel

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Jun 18, 2015

After years of waiting, Ron Perlman recently got buzz flying once again in regard to a final Hellboy film. Now he's opened up about what a sequel might entail — and why he has no plans to crowdfund it.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Perlman was asked if he'd ever consider using Kickstarter to bridge the budget gap for the long-awaited flick. Though many major filmmakers, publishers and videogame makers have used the crowdfunding platform to both fund productions and gauge interest in them (everything from Shenmue 3 to Veronica Mars comes to mind), Perlman said he doesn't want the fans to foot the bill for something a studio should be paying to create.

The actor also touched on what the storyline may look like for Hellboy 3, and said he considers the project the natural conclusion of Guillermo del Toro's saga that has tracked through 2004's Hellboy and 2008's Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. The third film would represent the final decision from Hellboy, in regard to whether he will save or destroy humanity.

Here's an excerpt from his comments:

"I wouldn't want to be involved in crowdfunding. I don't think its the fans job to fund a movie. I think its up to the people who do it professionally. I think its the fans job is to sit back and buy popcorn and Coke and watch the movie and enjoy it...

I know that Hellboy 3 was designed to resolve the dilemma of whether the beast of the apocalypse would live up to his oracle, his destiny, of destroying mankind. Or whether the beast we've seen nurtured all these years, to use his immense superpowers to protect mankind. Which one would win out? The destiny part is non-negotiable. So, something dramatic has to happen in the third Hellboy movie, to see which one prevails."

In an age where filmmakers are turning to crowdfunding with more and more frequency, it's refreshing to see someone hold tight to the classic approach to filmmaking. Though, we have to admit, we'd certainly be willing to throw a few bucks into the pot ourselves if it meant we'd finally get a new Hellboy flick.

(Via Digital Spy)

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