Ron Perlman vents his Hellboy 3 woes: 'We're not the Marvel movies’

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Sep 4, 2015, 6:58 PM EDT

Ron Perlman has been causing a stink trying to get Hellboy 3 made for a while now, but aside from generating a bunch of attention-grabbing headlines, he (sadly) didn’t accomplish too much.

The actor, who starred in the first two Hellboy films at the titular do-gooder demon, chatted with Digital Spy about his frustration surrounding the apparent lack of interest in funding a final film in the trilogy. Original director Guillermo del Toro has moved on to bigger projects, though the film has always held a special place in his heart. With both del Toro and Perlman game to return, the problem is one thing: money.

Perlman has been working to generate some fan buzz, but all his fanning of the flames has failed to catch fire at a studio willing to cut a check. He still holds out hope it’ll happen, but admits they’re obviously not a Marvel-level film with those types of box-office receipts.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments, made while promoting his new Amazon series Hand of God:

“I could actually see somebody like [Amazon CEO] Jeff [Bezos] going, 'You guys need $120m to make Hellboy? I'm down.' This is the reason I keep touting Hellboy 3 because I think there's somebody out there that's going to agree with me, that we need to finish this trilogy. I won't answer that [who is holding it up], because it'll make too many people uncomfortable, and I've already made people uncomfortable enough.

If you look at the numbers we did, we're not a blockbuster - we're not Iron Man, we're not the Marvel movies, we're not one of these movies that made half a billion dollars worldwide. That's a mandate. We don't have a mandate to do Hellboy 3. All we have is a modest amount of enthusiasm and that's just not enough in today's marketplace. That's not the answer [I was referring to before] but we'll use that for now - as a placeholder - until the real thing comes along!”

Do you think we’ll ever see a proper end to the Hellboy saga?

(Via Digital Spy)