Ron Howard explains what's up with all those Dark Tower delays

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

What's going on with The Dark Tower? There are problems with the script, the budget is out of whack, and the production has been delayed. Director Ron Howard has finally opened up about the film's recent troubles—including Javier Bardem's (sort-of) casting.

In a recent interview, Howard revealed that yes, production on The Dark Tower has been pushed back, but they've got a new start date! Instead of fall 2011, they're looking to get things going early next spring.

Howard said, "We had to pull back to our September start date due to budget delays and ongoing story development and logistical issues, but Dark Tower is moving forward." That's great from a production standpoint, but what about the cast?

For months, Javier Bardem has been rumored, then confirmed, then rumored again to play The Dark Tower's Roland. So, is he or isn't he? According to Howard, he is—kind of. "I can't really say who'll be in it yet, but Javier Bardem has shown a great deal of interest." Javier, sign on the dotted line already so we can get this party started!

If you're wondering about the television aspect of this saga, Howard revealed that the actors in the film and TV show will definitely be the same. He also said there's a method behind his madness. There's a reason he's jumping from the movie theater to television screens.

"There are elements of The Dark Tower saga that are more personal and can be best dealt with on television," Howard continued. "TV allows you to roll out details of the characters in a more methodical way."

So having heard all that, do you have a good or a bad feeling about this?

(via EW)