Ronald D. Moore updates Caprica and what he thought of your reaction to Battlestar's finale

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Ronald D. Moore told SCI FI Wire that his upcoming SCI FI Channel series Caprica—a prequel to Battlestar Galactica—is on track, with scripts written and production set to commence this month. Moore also said that he's no longer involved with the proposed big-screen remake of John Carpenter's The Thing.

Moore, speaking in an exclusive interview on Wednesday, also shared his thoughts on the reaction to Battlestar Galactica's series finale, "Daybreak." The following are edited excerpts from the conversation. The pilot of Caprica is now available on DVD; the series debuts in January. (Spoilers ahead!)

Let's start with Caprica. What did you make of the idea of putting Caprica's premiere out on DVD months before the series actually debuts?

Moore: It was a decision of the network. They presented it to me and asked me what I thought about it. I thought, "Well, that's a ballsy way to go." I think their internal reasoning was that we were going to have the pilot done so far in advance of when the series would premiere, and they wanted to capitalize on the end of Battlestar Galactica, with all the attention and press that would come with that. And it gave the audience something immediately, to sort of say, "And here's the next one," to give them time to watch it, time for word of mouth to spread, and then set the table for the show to premiere in January.

Where are you with the series?

Moore: We're working on the scripts. We start shooting in mid-June. We've got almost half the season written. Our biggest problem at the moment is money. We're just battling budget, but that's nothing new. So it's going very well.

Now that you've had a little time and distance from Galactica, what are you thoughts on the finale? And what did you make of the fan reaction to "Daybreak"?

Moore: I'm very satisfied with the finale. It's one of things I'm proudest of out of the whole run of the show. And I'm happy with the reaction of the fans. There was certainly some controversy and people who wanted to argue about this or that and the other thing, but I think by and large the reaction I got was tremendous satisfaction and people feeling like we did justice to the show by the end. I know all of us that worked on it feel very proud of the way that the series ended.

What's your current involvement with The Thing? You did a draft, and now the studio has brought someone else in, right?

Moore: It's the feature world, baby. I'm off. I've done my draft. They brought in another writer. And we'll see what happens. I wish them well. It's a great universe and a great homage to Carpenter's version of The Thing, and I look forward to seeing it.