Root canal dentist drills into classic Star Wars for epic new spoof video

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:58 AM EDT (Updated)

Dentists are some of the more feared folks alive, and you'd rarely call them galactic heroes — unless you've experienced a modern pain-free root canal.

As you can see in the wonderful video below, JS Abernathy Dental in Jonesboro, Arkansas, has tapped into the legacy and lore of Star Wars: A New Hope and enlisted the help of some classic footage from the Rebels' assault on the Death Star briefing scene and also the trench run from George Lucas' indelible sci-fi fantasy in order to help promote the dental office's hi-tech laser methods of oral wizardry.

The good Doc Abernathy has inserted himself into the pivotal meeting's brave X-wing and Y-wing pilots, and seamlessly woven a description of his techniques into the heart of the sequence in a humorous way that almost makes me excited for my next trip to the endodontist ... Almost!



SYFY WIRE talked with the Star Wars dentist from his practice in Arkansas, where he explained how this project, which "must be viewed with tongue firmly implanted in cheek," came about. He also mentioned his surprise at the enthusiastic reactions to his creative experiment.

"So, the way it came together is that it was really an accident. I do laser root canal treatments in my office, and I'm one of the few dentists in the nation and the only one in this region to do them," he said. "My son, John, teaches English at a local university and got a degree years ago in video production, and I'd had him do some mundane office videos for me, just some plain things of me explaining this PIPS root canal process."

Lucky for all of us, his son John wanted to spice things up a little with a Star Wars homage. So after knocking out the boring clips, he set to work on adapting his version from a galaxy far, far away to show to a few friends. Then, yeah, things kind of snowballed.

"We really intended it as a spoof, and he wanted to show it to some friends, and I'm a member of a laser group and knew they'd like to see it. So I did the acting and then he did all the digital editing. He really is multi-talented!"

So might we see a sequel? Abernathy said they had no clue the clip would catch fire like it has, but if Disney and Lucasfilm don't have any problems with them having a bit of dental-themed fun in their universe, the sky's the limit. If nothing else, Abernathy said watching his son do the hard work of putting the spoof together was the most fun of all.

"As far as plans for a trilogy of videos using The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, that depends entirely on what Disney has to say about what's up online now! But so far nobody from Disney legal has called," Abernathy said.

What began as a little amusement to show his colleagues and highlight the exclusive PIPS laser surgery machine has vaulted this humble Southern tooth doctor into Star Wars legend.

With Abernathy's video surpassing 100,000 views on YouTube and major networks including Disney's own ABC on Jimmy Kimmel Live pointing out this hilarious short, it's important to remind people that this is a spoof not intended for financial gain, and was simply an amusing side-project by Abernathy and his son, John. Some outlets are implying that this parody video was broadcast on local TV as a commercial and so far, that is not the case.

Speaking to SYFY WIRE, John Abernathy, the Star Wars-loving architect of the playful project, was amazed at how the video has turned into a small phenomenon, commenting that his dad had a blast doing it and that the careful integration of his image was a matter of figuring out how far the camera was to the actors in the iconic footage.

Check out this brilliant spoof below, and tell us if you'd visit this space-age clinic for a toothache next time you're in the solar sysyem.

Man your PIPS, and may the Force be with you!

(Via Geek Tyrant)

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