Rorschach kicks ass in 1st look at his Watchmen prequel comic

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

As he was arguably the most badass character in the original Watchmen, many fans have wondered how Before Watchmen would handle the gritty, masked crime fighter Rorschach in the prequel series. If the first four pages are any indication, this definitely looks like the man we remember.

Brian Azzarello, the man tasked with following Alan Moore's take on the character he created, told Maxim he definitely came at the project with a certain perspective in mind:

"I wanted to get really street-level with it. There are two cases going on: a serial killer and a drug deal. The lack of emotion and the presence of some badass shit make Rorschach a challenging character to write. He's not a good person to
be in the head of."
Working with artist Lee Bermejo, Azzarello said he even had a vision for how Rorschach's prequel story should look:
"We wanted it to look like it was filmed in the late '70s. So the color is saturated and washed out at the same time."
Check out the first four pages—which definitely show off that dry Rorschach charm—and let us know what you think:

(Via Maxim)