Rorschach (not the Grinch) steals Christmas in NSFW video parody

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Dec 16, 2012

If you've read or seen Watchmen, you know that Rorschach is an intense guy. (And if you haven't read Watchmen, please do so immediately.) But what would happen if this antisocial antihero were confronted with the spirit of Christmas?

It's not a question we'd ever thought to ask ourselves. But YouTuber MrCreepyPasta (seriously?) has. He also has the answer, written as a parody of Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, had Rorschach and not the Grinch been the narrator.

The writing is terrific. It really is an excellent mashup of Watchmen and Dr. Seuss. For example:

He knew every New Yorker in the city below / Would shout to him, "Save us," and he'd whisper, "No."

And as for the visuals, we have to point out that the screenshot we used above has a smiley-face pin for a Christmas tree topper ... and the pin is stained with a trickle of blood. Awesome.

(via ICanHasCheezburger)

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