Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple won’t be in Iron Fist Season 2

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Jul 31, 2018, 7:35 PM EDT

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here Claire Temple fans, but it sounds like she might be busy working double shifts at the hospital when Iron Fist Season 2 rolls around.

Unfortunately for Temple worshippers, Rosario Dawson’s character, Claire, who has been a mainstay in the Marvel Netflix shows, including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders, won’t be around for the second season of Iron Fist.

In an interview with CBR at Comic-Con, Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb, revealed that alas, “Claire won’t be in there, but our relationship with Rosario is awesome and we love her, she loves us and — when the story lends itself into that place and hopefully she’s available — we go down that road.”

Apparently Temple just didn't fit into the story they're trying to tell this time around. And they weren't just going to throw her in for the sake of an Easter egg. 

“We always look at it from the point of view of ‘What’s the best story?’ We don’t run an Easter egg farm. We do put little things in there for people who know, but we certainly don’t want it to be something that people focus on. We don’t want it to be distracting from the story,” said Loeb.

Which makes sense, right? But while Claire may not be back, fans may still get a chance to see another recurring character from Marvel Netflix. Well, maybe. 

“I can’t confirm or deny where Turk [Barrett] is going to show up next,” said Loeb. “Rob [Morgan] is a terrific actor and he’s certainly part of our company, so.”

Marvel’s Iron Fist returns to Netflix for its second season on Sept. 7. Will you be missing Claire Temple?

(via CBR