Rose McGowan reveals what went wrong with that Barbarella remake

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

If all those years of buzz about Rose McGowan re-creating the role made famous by Jane Fonda in Barbarella had you looking forward to seeing her in that sexy spacesuit ... you can stop waiting now.

McGowan says the project is "probably not" going to happen. And in an interview with Total Film, she responded to reports that Barbarella got scrapped because she wasn't a big enough name or director Robert Rodriguez (her former partner) couldn't raise the funds:

"I have a test that we did that would blow people's minds. I took the flak. I never announced why. And I took all the hits of [people] saying, "She couldn't raise the money". But there was $80m in Germany. Robert didn't want to shoot there and I had serious family stuff."

So it looks like Barbarella is another one of those remakes for which buzz alone was not enough to get it to the screen. Sure would love to see McGowan's test footage, though!

Are you disappointed? Or relieved?

(via moviehole)