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Ruby and Sapphire's cutest relationship moments from Steven Universe

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Aug 2, 2018, 10:19 PM EDT (Updated)

Forget Rose Quartz and Greg. Who cares about Steven and Connie? Everyone knows the cutest couple on Steven Universe is actually Ruby and Sapphire, or Garnet if you prefer. The two gems are an amazing win for LGBTQ portrayals in animation, having recently celebrated a real-life wedding in the series.

In honor of this very real, very visible couple, we're taking a look at some of their cutest moments culled straight from the show. Whether it's their first time fusing into Garnet or playful banter on the baseball field, they're absolutely adorable and we ship them forever. Here are some of the best Ruby and Sapphire moments throughout the series so far. 

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Ruby and Sapphire - New Fusion

First-Time Fusion

The beautiful episode known as "The Answer" gave us a peek into Ruby and Sapphire's origins, and how they became Garnet for the first time. After the two run away together following a threat from the gem Homeworld in retaliation for their fusing, they dance together in a gorgeous forest, bathed in light from the moon as they slowly dance and fall even more in love with each other. Their feelings for one another are palpable here, and as they lie in the grass singing about making something "entirely new" it's hard not to get choked up over their whimsical fairy tale love. 


Make-Up Fusion

Following a heated argument that finds Steven and his dad Greg in the middle of it, Ruby and Sapphire are torn apart for a short time. They end up making Steven believe he's the cause of their problems when that couldn't be further from the truth. The pair's makeup cuddles, and Ruby's nickname for Sapphire, "laughy Saphy," may be one of the cutest things we've ever heard in Steven Universe. Period. Ruby wiping Sapphire's tears away and then leaning in extra close as Sapphire giggles, then Ruby picking her up and planting some kisses on her cheek and neck makes even Steven blush a bit. Before you know it, the two have re-fused, and Garnet's back in business. 

Ruby and Sapphire - Baseball

Baseball Flirting

For a couple that's supposedly been together for years, Ruby and Sapphire still act very much like they're in their dating or honeymoon phase. This is what it looks like when you're head over heels for your partner. The two end up playing baseball with a whole other squad of Rubys during a silly plot Steven and the gang hatch, and Ruby keeps cracking wise to Sapphire when they should really be buckling down and playing hard. They giggle with each other, shooting flirtatious looks and playing about like they've just met. "What are they doing?" asks one Crystal Gem, clearly confused by the whole thing. "Flirting," sighs Lapis Lazuli. And how. 

Ruby and Sapphire - Jailbreak Kiss

First On-Screen Kiss

The episode "Jail Break" is our first introduction to Ruby and Sapphire, though at the time we don't know anything about them. We just know they're not together, and it's causing them great hardship. But when they reunite, all bets are off about what they mean to each other and what kind of relationship they share. In their first scene together, they share their first on-screen kiss, despite being on the cheek. They dance together throughout the jail, confirming that they are, indeed, a romantic couple, and the base of our favorite Crystal Gem, Garnet. It was a mind-blowing episode, and one of the cutest moments the two have ever shared. 

Ruby and Sapphire - Wedding

The Wedding

This is it. The culmination of everything we've come to know so far about Ruby and Sapphire, and one of the first on-screen weddings with a same-sex couple in animation history, at least in children's shows. Ruby and Sapphire have an extravagant wedding, complete with Ruby in a beautiful wedding dress and Sapphire in a dapper tuxedo, shaking up what we think we know about their gender roles and presentation. The entire ceremony is romantic in all the right ways, and we couldn't have asked for a better "official" coupling of our favorite gems, especially Garnet's transformation and wedding-tuxedo fusion outfit by the end. Love always wins, and that's what Garnet is made of, after all. 

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