Ruby Rose talks Kate Kane's 'swaggy' personality and why Batwoman doesn't want to meet other heroes

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Nov 15, 2018, 3:06 PM EST

Batwoman is joining the Arrowverse next month, but she's not necessarily happy about it. 

In just a few weeks we'll see "Elseworlds," the annual CW crossover event that will unite ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl to tell one universe-spanning story. The Arrowverse crossovers are always full of big developments, but "Elseworlds" is getting some extra attention because of its plan to introduce two major DC Comics mainstays to the world: Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Kate Kane, aka Batwoman (Ruby Rose).

Batwoman's introduction is particularly noteworthy, both because the character is one of the most prominent gay superheroes in comics and because, if she's well received, she will eventually get to patrol the streets of Gotham City as part of her own spinoff series. We've already seen Rose in costume as the character, and now we're learning a bit more about what to expect from both Batwoman and her Kate Kane alter ego. 

According to consulting producer Marc Guggenheim, who's a major player in making sure everything in "Elseworlds" comes together, Rose's Batwoman is very similar to Batman, in that "she's kind of a dick," maintaining the gruff stoicism of a dark vigilante. According to Rose, though, the Kate Kane side of the character is quite a bit different.

“She is more fun because she’s a billionaire, she has ladies that love her. I think, for the most part crossover-wise, she’s swaggy,” Rose told Entertainment Weekly. “She always knew who she was, but she’s really coming into knowing who she is in the crossover, and with Batwoman as well. It’s not the first time she’s put on the suit.”

Still, despite the fun side of her personality, Kane is not exactly happy to see other superheroes showing up on her turf in need of a team-up.

“Kate does not want to deal with this. She has a whole other agenda, a whole other life that she’s trying to sort out right now, and these frigging superheroes come in and they’re a mess, and they need her help,” she said. 

We'll see exactly how that meeting of the minds will play out when "Elseworlds" begins December 9 on The CW.