Reptar on Ice Rugrats

Rugrats: These holiday-themed Reptar bars will turn your tongue an icy blue

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Nov 11, 2018, 4:13 PM EST

Do you feel your nostalgia gland tingling?

That's because FYE is bringing back Reptar bars for the holiday season. Inspired by the fictional Rugrats candy of the same name, this re-release comes with a fun, holiday twist: the chocolate is filled with a blue icing that will turn your tongue a vivid blue. Traditionally, the candy turns one's tongue green and FYE is here to accomodate with "Deluxe" Reptar bars with a green caramel filling with peanut crunch. 

Reptar on Ice bar Rugrats FYE

Credit: FYE/Nickelodeon

Deluxe Reptar Bar FYE Rugrats

Credit: FYE/Nickelodeon

Dubbed "Reptar on Ice," the new bars are a reference to the 1992 episode, where the babies are taken to a musical figure skating show featuring their favorite green lizard, Reptar. As usual, the kids are able to slip away from the adults and make it onto the icy rink, where the costumed Reptar improvises his singing lines during the unforseen event, belting out:

"What's a dinosaur to do when there's kids on the ice?! Quick! Somebody call their mom!"

Back in July, Nickelodeon announced that it would be revamping the Rugrats brand both on television and the big screen. In addition to a live-action movie with CGI elements, 26 new episodes of the series are to be produced for the network. Serving as EPs are the show's original creators, Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó, and Paul Germain. 

You can also look forward to a Hanukah-themed Rugrats one-shot comic from Boom! Studios this month. In the vein of the 1996 holiday special, the comic, written by Daniel Kibblesmith & Cullen Crawford, will explore facets of Jewish culture and folklore like the story of the Golem. 

You can pick up a five-pack of "Reptar on Ice" bars from FYE's website for $19.99. The "Deluxe" ones are $14.99 a pop