Rumor of the day: Aborted Stargate TV movie back on track (just not as a movie)

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Mar 14, 2014

When Stargate Atlantis was axed in 2009, plans for a TV movie meant to wrap up the series were left hanging in the wind. Until now … kind of. Hopefully.

Gateworld is reporting that the unfilmed Stargate Atlantis film Extinction could finally be released in comic-book form via a four-issue limited series through BOOM! Studios. The project was listed on the comic company’s long-look release schedule with a bit of info, though it has since been pulled (possibly pending a more formal announcement).

According to the mini-synopsis for the comic, it would follow the city-ship Atlantis as it becomes the new base for Stargate Command, as the team embarks on its “most epic adventure yet,” which could “destroy Atlantis itself.” Intriguing.

Extinction was written by Atlantis executive producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, and was originally conceived as a joint Syfy/DVD release, though MGM reportedly backed out when the DVD market went south ... not to mention the company's financial trouble at the time. The film has lingered in development hell ever since, and though we’d prefer a movie, we’ll take whatever Stargate goodies we can get.

The Stargate franchise has dabbled in comics before, but this would arguably make for one of the highest-profile efforts. Are you glad to hear Extinction might finally see the light of day? Would you follow Atlantis into comics?

(Via Gateworld)

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