Rumor of the day: ANOTHER shocking Walking Dead death is coming in S4

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Dec 31, 2013, 11:13 AM EST

We’re still more than a month away from Walking Dead’s return, but some wild new rumors are brewing about what we’ll see in the back half of season four.

Chief among them? Another major death, but with a bit of a twist. The report comes from, which promises that a “main cast member” who has not died in the comics will bite the dust when the series returns in February. It doesn’t say who, but as anyone who’s read the comic knows, the options are pretty limited. Considering all the death from the prison showdown, it'd be a gutsy move to take out another main cast member. But, hey, the show isn't called The Walking Living.

The source also claims to know the details of Carol’s (Melissa McBride) return, which will reportedly see the exiled (secret) murderer catching up with Tyreese in the wake of the prison’s downfall. Per the report, Tyreese is traveling with some of the kids who escaped. Of course, Tyreese isn’t aware that Carol killed Karen and David before the flu outbreak, so that definitely sounds like a good twist that’ll be ripe for drama.

The report goes on to note one more scoop that doesn’t sound like much of a surprise. Apparently there are plans to give Daryl (Norman Reedus) “at least one” standalone episode that will focus almost exclusively on him. The approach is loosely compared to the Governor’s mini-story that played out over the past few installments. Considering the fact that Daryl is one of the most popular characters, that’s not a stretch. There's also word that Carl will get a mostly standalone episode, which is a good fit with the comic narrative once he and Rick are seperated from the group.

Of course, these tidbits are all just rumors at the moment, so take them with a heaping grain of salt until the series returns to AMC on Feb. 9.

Which (if any) of these plot points would you like to see come true in 2014?