Rumor of the Day: Is Armie Hammer playing Ant-Man?

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Jun 25, 2013, 12:45 PM EDT (Updated)

The Lone Ranger’s Armie Hammer has been spotted on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier set, giving rise to more rumors that he is set to play Ant-Man in Edgar Wright’s Marvel flick.

It may be a bit of a stretch (OK, maybe not that much of a stretch), but the actor was quizzed by Screenrant’s Amy Nicholson about his visit to the Captain America 2 set and his possible involvement in the upcoming Ant-Man film while doing Disney’s press junket for The Lone Ranger last week.

The actor revealed nothing, but some of his answers were a bit ... strange.

Below is the little exchange:

So, you and Edgar Wright visited the Captain America 2 set…
Me and Edgar? Who’s Edgar? The actor?
The director. Edgar Wright.
Edgar Wright?
Is this an act? If this is an act, you’re convincing.
No, it’s not an act. Who’s Edgar Wright?
The supposed director of Ant-Man.
Of what?
Ant-Man? Oh! Wait! You think you know something! No, there’s nothing! What do you know? What’s the rumor?
That you were spotted on the Captain America 2 set with Edgar Wright.
No, there’s nothing.
Yeah! Really.I promise. I promise-promise. Ant-Man?
You’re saying it like you’ve never heard of him before.
No, I know the character Ant-Man—like, the comic book character.
You can’t tell me that this is the first time you’ve heard the rumor that you’re playing Ant-Man.
First in my life. I swear to god, cross my heart, hope to die. Amy! [Turns to his publicist Amy, who says, '"I've never heard of that ever ever. Who's Ant-Man?"] They make him shrink! You’re a news-breaker right there.
Potentially fictitious, apparently.
Well, it works. [Fake enthusiasm] I’m doing Ant-Man, I’m very excited about it. Me and Edgar.
I did go visit the set, though. Not with Edgar.
With who?
Just by myself.
Any reason?
Um… a buddy of mine was working on the movie so I just wanted to go say hi.

With a release date of 2015, Marvel’s Ant-Man flick should start its casting process soon. Marvel's head honcho Kevin Feige said earlier this year:

“We’ve talked about various names over the past eight years, but as you can imagine, they keep changing as time goes by. But toward the end of this year, we’ll buckle down and start casting and start refining the script.”

What do you think? Does that exchange make you believe Marvel may be eyeing Armie Hammer to play Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym in Wright's Ant-Man? After all, the actor's name will probably be on everyone's lips after such a high-profile role alongside Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger, which hits theaters on July 3.

(Screenrant via Comic Book Movie)