Rumor of the Day: Ben Affleck’s Batman will show up in DC's Suicide Squad

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

One of DC’s most intriguing projects is the star-studded villain-fest Suicide Squad, and it sounds like they might be adding another A-list star (and character) to the mix.

Potential spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad!

We already know Warner Bros. is planning a massive slate of films, including some standalone features starring Ben Affleck’s new version of Batman. Considering the Joker will apparently play a key role in Suicide Squad, it stands to reason the Dark Knight could pop up too, right?

If recent leaked plot details are to be believed, Jared Leto’s version of the Joker will be a major player, though apparently spend much of his time locked up in Arkham Asylum. You know, at least until there’s a massive jailbreak and he kills a bunch of people to apparently set up some future Batman-centric stories.

According to a new report at Forbes, Warner Bros. is hoping to add a bit more juice to the Suicide Squad project by bringing in Batman himself for a cameo. It’ll apparently be a small role, if rumors are to be believed, and will likely come late in the film, following the Joker’s escape (i.e. final act scene, post-credit stinger).

So, is it true? No telling at this point, but it’d certainly make sense. Recent box-office data shows Batman is the jewel in DC’s stable, so tossing him into one of the company’s riskier DC projects would make a ton of sense. It'd also take a page from Marvel's playbook, which has worked well for them. Plus, y’know, synergy. 

Would you like to see a Batman cameo in Suicide Squad?

(Via Forbes)