Rumor of the Day: Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong both up for Lex Luthor

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Aug 9, 2013, 1:47 PM EDT

Man of Steel, while controversial, was a hit. And with a sequel and a Batman/Superman movie in the works, someone's got to be Lex Luthor, right? 

We were fine with Zod taking center stage in Man of Steel. But Zod is not the big show -- that honor goes to Lex Luthor. We've seen several incarnations of the character over the years including big-name actors like Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey.

It's time for someone new, though. Someone fresh. Someone, we hope, a little more in keeping with the modern, comic book version of Superman's most arch of nemeses.

Naturally, a lot of people want the role. Not so long ago, former Lex Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum, said he'd love to give the part another crack.

But the rumor mill has churned out two other names -- Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong.

Strong's name has apparently been on the list of choices for a while, especially since playing a villain isn't exactly new to him after Sherlock Holmes, Kick Ass, and various others.

But it's the former Walter White whose name has us most intrigued. Cranston has really secured himself recently as being a very charasmatic actor who has the ability to play some deeply troubled souls. And now that Breaking Bad is finished filming, his schedule is wide open.

Right now there isn't any real substance to the Cranston rumor. Not gonna lie, though -- I am in the tank for Cranston. He would make a killer Lex Luthor. Literally.

But what do you think?

(via Indie Wire)