Rumor of the day: Budget cuts, CW move possible for Supergirl renewal

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May 7, 2016, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s coming down to the wire for Supergirl, and with CBS’s fall schedule looming, the network will have to make a decision soon about the future of National City. One option could but the Maiden of Might a whole lot closer to her new pal, Barry Allen.

The Wrap reports CBS chief Leslie Moonves is “deep in talks” with Warner Bros. Television about the fate of the series, with a potential move to The CW as one option on the table. At $3 million per episode, Supergirl is among the most expensive first-year shows out there. So the studios are apparently considering a budget cut and network shift to let the show join Arrow and The Flash on The CW’s schedule.

Of course, it’s still possible CBS could bring the show back (or cancel it, obviously), but the network shift is apparently on the table. If the show actually does move, it’d be a self-fulfilling prophecy, since fans have been saying most of the season that the show would be a better fit over at The CW. The bright, young Supergirl has always been an anomaly on CBS’s schedule, and The CW would make more sense in just about every way (except for the budget, of course).

Though the ratings have dipped to around 6-7 million total this season for Supergirl, middling for CBS, they’d make the series a monster hit over at the smaller CW (The Flash is averaging just over 3 million at the moment, for the sake of comparison). It’s also worth noting Supergirl pulls comparable demo numbers of young viewers when compared to The Flash, so there’s also that to consider. 

However this all shakes out, we should know something within two weeks, when CBS announces its fall schedule at the up-front presentations.

What do you think? Would you like to see Supergirl return? On CBS, or at The CW?


(Via The Wrap)

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