Rumor of the Day: Charlie Sheen to go zombie in The Walking Dead

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Dec 14, 2012

There are plenty of rumors swirling around actor and professional bad boy Charlie Sheen. But the current one has nothing to do with his colorful personal life. Nope, word has it that Sheen will be appearing in an upcoming episode of The Walking Dead ... as a zombie.

The Walking Dead's first season, which contained a mere six episodes, was a success with critics and ratings, with 6 million viewers tuned in to the finale. But some of those viewers have more pull with casting directors than others.

According to Socyberty, producer Frank Darabont was excited by the idea that Sheen, a fan of the show, had proposed through his agent. And that:

Upon hearing the news, Sheen was reportedly ecstatic, and has already cleared the shooting schedule with his Two and a Half Men duties. Sheen's involvement may very well lead to others in the acting community making brief cameos as zombies, an idea Walking Dead creator Andrew Lincoln reportedly welcomes. No word yet on what specific episode Sheen will be appearing in.

This rumor comes within a week of the announcement that Darabont has fired The Walking Dead's staff writers. So what's Sheen going to do, besides shuffle around without dialogue?

All we can say is that it's a good thing this show is about zombies.

(via moviefone)