Rumor of the day: Chronicle writer working on new Power Rangers script

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May 15, 2014, 2:06 PM EDT (Updated)

When word broke that a big screen reboot of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was in the works, it definitely tickled our nostalgia. But now that we know who might be writing the script, we’re actually fairly excited.

The folks at Schmoes Know are reporting that the uber-talented Max Landis (Chronicle) is currently hard at work on the script and already has a draft turned in to producers Jim Miller, Alison Shearmur and Haim Saban.

A writer has not been confirmed by the studio, but the report cites an anonymous source close to the production as confirmation that Landis has the gig. If you’ll recall, the project is being billed as a reimagining of the original Power Rangers series, which followed a group of high school teens who get cool powers, have to learn how to work as a team and save the world.

Admittedly, when you break it all down, it bears a few resemblances to Landis’ previous effort Chronicle — and that’s a good thing. If this is true, we’re actually pretty excited to see what Landis could do with the franchise. Hey, it couldn’t be cheesier than the original series. Right?

Do you think Landis would be a good hire to reboot the Rangers?

(Via Schmoes Know)

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