Rumor of the day: Colin Trevorrow set to direct Star Wars: Episode IX

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Jul 12, 2015, 11:42 AM EDT (Updated)

We never thought we’d be discussing the release of a third Star Wars trilogy in our lifetime, let alone rumors of the ninth and (allegedly) final episode. But if this report from Heroic Hollywood is correct—and it’s looking likely—a new director has been chosen. And this director is … 

Colin Trevorrow, the director of Jurassic World.

It’s not surprising. Jurassic World is the current reigning box-office champ (until Ant-Man appears, that is) and has earned $1,413,187,130 as of July 8. It should earn several dozen more million before its run is through. 

But not only that, Jurassic World is an exciting film when it comes to dinosaurs, chase scenes with dinosaurs and flying scenes with dinosaurs. Trevorrow has made it clear he can work with CGI characters and maintain energy and momentum—something the first trilogy had in abundance but the later trilogy didn’t have enough of. If nothing else, he definitely has the visual chops to pull it off.

The official announcement is expected to come later today during the Star Wars panel at San Diego Comic-Con, so by then we will know if the rumors are correct. Let us know in the comments if you think Trevorrow is the right director for Star Wars IX—and if not, who should helm it?

(Via Heroic Hollywood)

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