Rumor of the Day: Could this iconic Marvel villain be Spider-Man's next movie foe?

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Aug 4, 2015

Sony is on the hunt for their Spider-Man movie's next Big Bad, and they may have found the perfect man for the job.

According to Heroic Hollywood scooper Umberto Gonzalez (and his Sony sources), Kraven the Hunter may be the web-slinger’s next foe. HH claims Sony Vice President of Creative Affairs Karen Moy has obtained a copy of Kraven's Last Hunt in trade paperback on Amazon (wow, that's very specific). Apparently, Moy has bought a lot of books for her former Sony boss, Amy Pascal, over the years. For research purposes and such.

Could this be a hint Sony is looking into Kraven as Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) next onscreen foe? Now, that would be a move in the right direction. 

Kraven the Hunter, aka Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinoff, is one of Spider-Man’s most iconic and oldest supervillains, first appearing in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #15 in 1964. In the Marvel comics, Kraven is the world's greatest big game hunter, whose ultimate goal is to hunt and kill everyone’s favorite web-head in order to cement his place in history. He has superhuman strength, agility and senses, and he doesn't use any weapons, taking down his prey with his bare hands.

Kraven’s Last Hunt is generally viewed as the greatest Spider-Man story ever told and is a fan favorite among comic-book readers. Printed in 1987, it tells the story of Spidey’s final battle with Kraven the Hunter.

What do you think? Would you love to see Spider-Man face off against Kraven the Hunter in Marvel and Sony's new Spider-Man movie?

(via Heroic Hollywood)

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