Rumor of the Day: Could Iron Man 3 introduce another Avenger?

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Nov 17, 2014, 4:40 PM EST

You just know that we're getting at least one new Avenger by the time Avengers 2 blasts into theaters, but could we see them sooner than Joss Whedon's sequel? Word on the street is that, just like Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3 will take some time to introduce another member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But who?

So far with the latest installment in the adventures of Tony Stark we know who the villain is, which characters are returning from the previous flicks, what the new armor looks like and even some of what Tony's struggling with. We also know the roles played by every major member of the cast ... except one.

Stephanie Szostak was cast in the flick back around San Diego Comic-Con time. There's a very, very brief glimpse of her in the first official trailer. Her name appears right next to Rebecca Hall's in the official synopsis. But we don't know who she's playing.

Which, of course, has led to rumors that she'll be introduced as Janet van Dyne, aka Wasp.

These whispers are coming from more than one place, but most notably from the mysterious Twitter account of Roger Wardell, who's been spouting Marvel "Inside News" for months. Though many of his claims have yet to be proven, he also hasn't been proven wrong on a lot of stuff yet. Here's what he had to say regarding Szostak.

That's really just a hint, and none of this is substantiated yet, but all the pieces are certainly there. We've got another Iron Man flick heavy on the science, we've got an actress whose role has not been announced with the right look to play Wasp, we've got a franchise with a history of introducing characters who will prove important to the big picture (Black Widow). Though Ant-Man seems like a more fitting place to make her entrance, could Iron Man 3 be the debut of Wasp?

What do you think?

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