Rumor of the Day: The Dark Tower franchise wants Idris Elba to be its Gunslinger

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Dec 10, 2015

It seems like we've been talking about The Dark Tower film forever. The project has bounced from studio to studio, morphed into many forms and seen all manner of talent pass it by. As the Stephen King novel itself says, though, the world has moved on, and we now find ourselves facing a new incarnation of the adaptation.

These days, the project is set up at Sony Pictures, a studio hoping to build it into a major franchise, with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment still bent on producing. There's a script by Akiva Goldsman, Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) is set to direct, and Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey might play the villain. That all sounds great, but there's one ingredient the franchise didn't have in place: Roland the Gunslinger. Now it seems it does.

The Wrap reports that Idris Elba, star of Luther and co-star of the Thor franchise, is "in early talks" to play Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger on a quest for The Dark Tower, alongside McConaughey's Man In Black. According to the report, Elba was in talks to join Universal's The Mummy reboot just last week, but held off because he was more interested in working with McConaughey on this project.

It's not clear yet if this is a done deal, but if it turns out to be it'll be the most intriguing choice for the Gunslinger yet. Everyone from Javier Bardem to Russell Crowe has been connected to this role, but Elba has a swagger neither of them can match, and a dark side that could perfectly match Roland's troubled past. If The Dark Tower finally gets made in this form, it will be amazing to see it unfold.

What do you think? Is Elba a good choice for Roland?

(Via The Wrap)

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