Rumor of the Day: Days of Future Past script pages leaked? Potential spoilers!

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Jan 17, 2014

Looks like we may have just found out how the next X-flick begins.

Apparently someone who claims to be a film staffer is trying to sell off copies of the Days of Future Past script. As of this writing, no one's bitten, but some details have already leaked anyway. In particular, aspects of the opening scene and a major character death have been revealed.

This is all rumors-ville, but it could be on the level, so spoilerphobes should step away.

The film opens in a futuristic Russia. The buildings are coming down, there's smoke everywhere -- the city is in a war-torn state of ruin. BooBoo Stewart, who is playing mutant Warpath, gets the opening line -- "They’re here." He's talking to Bingbing Fan, who plays Blink, and amid the city's destruction they see them -- Sentinels.

According to the script they then find themselves in “a vast bomb shelter under the Kremlin. Shelves are full of food, the floor full of bunks, all inhabited by a band of mutant refugees." 

And there's something else there -- a shrine to fallen mutants.

Blink and Warpath tell the other mutants that "time's up."  Then, according to the script, “MASSIVE DEEP SHOCKWAVES echo from above. Dust falls. Something is coming. Something terrifying.”

There's one other detail -- the death we mentioned earlier? If you want to walk away, here's your last chance.

It's Colossus.

According to the exerpt, he “may meet his demise after attempting to destroy one of the Sentinels that are being introduced by actor Peter Dinklage‘s character, Bolivar Trask.”

Considering this is a time-travel story, that death probably won't be the only one we witness, but it also may not stick.

And that's it. A nice little taste for those of us who have been waiting a very long time to see Bryan Singer back in the X-saddle. What do you think? If this is the real deal, are you satisfied?

(Radar Online via Bleeding Cool)

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