Rumor of the Day: Disney wants Chris Pratt to play the new Indiana Jones

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Jan 27, 2015, 3:57 PM EST (Updated)

Though most of the attention was on the Star Wars side of the spectrum when Disney bought Lucasfilm, the company also picked up the rights to make new Indiana Jones films in the process. Now we know who's on the short list to take up the whip and fedora.

Deadline is reporting that Disney has “set its sights” on none other than Guardians of the Galaxy’s breakout star Chris Pratt to headline an Indiana Jones revival that would find a younger actor taking over the iconic role made famous by Harrison Ford. We knew Disney would get Indy back on track at some point, and Pratt has already more than proven his worth for the Mouse House.

The report cautions that the potential casting note is still “very early” in the process, but it stands to reason that Disney might turn to its newest in-house star. Besides, didn’t Harrison Ford successfully front both Indiana Jones and a certain massive spacefaring sci-fi franchise simultaneously back in the day? Peter Quill is basically our generation's Han Solo already, right? Let’s just make the torch-passing really official at this point.

Nothing is obviously confirmed yet, but you’d have to think Disney will be watching the box-office numbers for Jurassic World extremely closely when the long-awaited sequel bows on June 12. It’ll mark Pratt’s first major box-office test post-Guardians, and if it’s a hit, it stands to reason he could be trading in dinosaurs and aliens for Nazis in his next tentpole.

Do you think Pratt would be a good choice to take over as the new Indiana Jones?

(Via Deadline)