Rumor of the Day: Disney's Star Wars plan is even more ambitious than we thought

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Jul 4, 2015, 5:14 PM EDT (Updated)

There’s some new Star Wars intel making the rounds, and it sounds like Disney has even bigger plans for this franchise than we’d thought. 

Badass Digest is reporting some new behind-the-scenes intel that starts to dig into the vision and scope Disney and Lucasfilm are putting into this new-look version of Star Wars on the way, and it sounds ... pretty awesome, actually. According to the report, which cites an unnamed Lucasfilm employee, the company hopes to “redefine longform storytelling.”

So what exactly does that mean? Basically that the entire next decade of Star Wars material will be planned out in advance, with specific arcs, easter eggs and storylines baked in years (and sometimes several years) in advance. But that doesn’t just include the movies. We’re talking Star Wars: Rebels, the tie-in books, tie-in comic books — even videogames. It’s “all going to matter,” according to the report.

Yes, that sounds a bit hyperbolic and wildly ambitious. But after seeing what Disney has pulled off with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and the unfathomable success it’s had), it’s only logical they’d double down on that approach for the relaunch of one of the biggest franchises in sci-fi history. If Marvel is essentially one gigantic season of finely tuned television, it stands to reason Star Wars will follow a similar track.

There have already been rumblings that the upcoming Rebels animated series will have some major connections to the film sequels via bad guys and possibly even character crossovers. It also explains why Disney went to such great lengths to redefine exactly what is in-canon, since they plan on building on that and launching a whole, connected universe of material. Which, again, should sound familiar to Marvel fans.

If this is true, we’re psyched. Like, really psyched. One of the worst things about tie-in material is that it’s often inconsequential. But, by planning everything out so far in advance, you can give those stories more weight and legitimacy to reward (and encourage) fans to make sure that supplemental stuff is a priority. This also explains what that mysterious Lucasfilm "story group" will be doing for the next few years.

What do you think? Do you prefer an expanded universe that's largely seperate from the main canon, or one massive, cohesive universe?

(Via Badass Digest)