Rumor of the Day: This is Dwayne Johnson's (HUGE) DC/WB mystery project

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Jan 13, 2014, 6:18 PM EST (Updated)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's big DC Comics movie project could be bigger than we thought.

As 2013 ended, Johnson teased an upcoming partnership with Warner Bros. that was specifically tied to the comics publisher, prompting (as usual) a ton of speculation about what exactly Johnson is up to. Much of the speculation centered on the idea that the Lobo movie Johnson once seemed very enthusiastic about making was finally getting off the ground again, but of course there were also rumbles that he could be popping up in 2015's Batman vs. Superman, or a Shazam! movie (though that seemed like the most far-fetched idea).

Now our friends at Latino Review think they might know exactly what's going on. According to a "trusted source," the big 2014 project Johnson met with Warners about is, in fact, Justice League, a long-rumored project at the studio that seems poised to finally happen in the wake of the Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman/Just Pick a Title Already flick. It's only an unconfirmed report at this point, but it wouldn't surprise anyone if Warner Bros. finally had the film in preproduction. What is somewhat surprising is the timeline. If that's indeed what's happening, why is the studio so intent on getting the project rolling now, when they've got so much Batman vs. Superman stuff to worry about? 

Well, according to "insiders" talking to Latino Review, it seems WB is gearing up to shoot Batman vs. Superman and Justice League back to back in the style of The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, both to be sure they've got enough time with their always-busy slate of stars and to capitalize on what could be an "insane cliffhanger/teaser" at the end of Batman vs. Superman. Could that teaser be the arrival of Wonder Woman? Could it be the arrival of a major supervillain like, say, Doomsday? Could it be the sudden gathering of the League to battle an oncoming threat that will be addressed in the next film? Whatever the case, if they do end the first flick that way, the studio wants to make sure the second one will feed rabid audiences the very next year, for maximum profit and attention. 

Putting a Justice League movie in back-to-back production with Batman vs. Superman would also help to explain all these casting rumors we keep hearing, including everything from the inclusion of Nightwing to Green Lantern to Lex Luthor to Doomsday. We've all been worried about Batman vs. Superman becoming so crowded with characters that it makes Spider-Man 3 look positively scant, but maybe those worries were misplaced. Maybe all these rumored characters are heading to Justice League instead.

At the moment, though, even the Latino Review crew is noting that much of this is just speculation, though it is at least informed speculation that seems to follow a logical path. If a Justice League movie really is in the pipeline, we'll no doubt hear about it soon enough. Comic-Con is only half a year away, after all. 

For now, we ask: Is it a good idea to push this production forward this quickly? And while we're at it, if Johnson is indeed making Justice League, who's he playing, and which other heroes would you like to see alongside him?

(Via Latino Review)

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