Rumor of the day: Female Wolverine to take over following Logan's comic death

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Sep 18, 2014, 6:11 PM EDT

They’ve already replaced Thor, and now it looks like Marvel will be supplanting resident adamantium-clawed hero Wolverine with a female version. Snikt!

The whole world knows Logan is biting the bullet in the massive new event series Death of Wolverine, and the Avengers & X-Men: Axis series has seemingly spoiled that Sabretooth will assume the mantle for at least a short while (see the left side of this future team shot for reference).

But, according to Bleeding Cool, he won’t be wearing the trademark yellow duds for too long. Per a “Marvel source,” it sounds like the young female Wolverine clone X-23 could be the next character to hold Logan’s name and spot on the roster. Laura Kinney/X-23 was created by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost and currently appears in All-New X-Men with the time-transplanted original team.

They’ve managed to do a solid job with Laura/X-23 after bringing her into the fold in All-New X-Men, and this could actually make for a fairly cool arc to fill the Wolverine-shaped void in the X-Men roster while we patiently wait for Logan’s eventual return (because, you know, these are comics, after all).

What do you think? Should X-23 get a shot at being the one and only Wolverine following Logan’s death this year?

(Via Bleeding Cool)